Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Coming in Five By

I can never be happier!

My last exam is over and my parents will be certain to come over. I have never been busier setting up their itinerary. The bigger plan is to go to Chiang Mai and get a return flight to Cebu from there, but due to the short time, that might no longer be possible.

I checked to see the flight details, and I'm quite disappointed that it's shorter than I thought:

This means that they will arrive Bangkok around 1am on December 17 and will have to be at Suvarnnabhumi Airport to depart for Cebu at least by 9PM on December 20 (few hours away from their return flight on December 21).

That gives me 4 days to think for and find nice places to visit in Bangkok. I have not been around since I arrived last August 24 and it might be a great chance to spend some time going around the city this coming Saturday.

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