Monday, January 26, 2009

An Eclipse? Solar Eclipse? or was it?

Sharon and I just wanted to spend some time shopping and we usually do at Thammasat during Mondays or Thursdays...when the night market opens at the open grounds of Thammasat University.

On our way there from AIT back gate, we noticed the sunset was sooooo beautiful, I had to go back to my dorm and get my camera.

I'm a novice photographer, and my Canon has its Kit zoom lens with short, my equipment and the one holding it are not as good, as shown in this pic. Sharon keeps saying, I should get a macro lens...but probably, I need to sharpen my skills a bit first before that.

As we were riding our bike on our way to the night market, we started to notice that the sun looks like a cookie with a bite at the upper left seems like there is an eclipse today...or was it something our eyes kinda missed? If we were HEROES, we'd probably get our powers today...harharhar...(too much TV!)

Off we went to the night market, and bought some stuff....which we probably don't need again! It feels nice seeing all the nice trinkets and stuff....and I took this one fun pic while we were trying on some shades.

Thammasat University is near AIT, and it's where we get to unwind and eat good food every Thursdays and Mondays every week, if we have time. There are lots of goodies to buy, from food, clothes, shoes, cookware, household items, beddings, and all things any student would need.

And, well this lovely day ended with an hour jog round back at AIT it usually does.

Dennis says, it's a PARTIAL Solar Eclipse...and had to stay inside my dorm...since some people are probably partially unstable tonight....

Eclipse or no eclipse, am partially Unstable most of the time...hahaha....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Backpacker's Destination in Thailand: Khao San Road

Abu and I have been talking about seeing each other in Thailand. He's a friend of mine back in college who's now based in Singapore. We've had too many plans in the past, about backpacking and everything, but things just do not go as it's planned...

..and finally it's here. We originally planned to go to Cambodia from he's here to attend the Full Moon Party. I think every tourist knows about that Party...except me.

I've been here in Thailand for almost 6 months now and it's the first time I heard about that "dirty" party in an island here...apparently the theme in Leonardo de Caprio's The Beach is exactly what the Full Moon Party' all about...and yes, it happens every full moon of the month.

Khao San Road happened to be Abu's pick for a guest house while he's in Bangkok, for all the cheap guest houses are there. It is really one of the hippest place I've been. You know it's Khao San Road if you see the "cobblestoned" streets..or should I say, bricked pavement alley.

To get there from AIT, I took the BTS from MoChit station (van from Thammasat took me from AIT to MoChit station) and hopped off at Siam Interchange to get to the Silom Line. I hopped off at the Saphan Taksin Terminal Station to board the Chao Praya River Express (Orange Lane). For some reason, travelling at this time is not as fancy as it was last December. Tourists are relatively fewer compared to last month's, but still there are Bangkok never runs out of tourists from everywhere.

(Click the picture at the left to see fare rates for the Chao Praya River Boat) It cost me Baht13 to get to station #9 where Abu and I agreed to meet. This is the Grand Palace hop off. That was the original plan...for us to go to the Grand Palace. But he changed his mind...and still good for me since that'd be the 3rd time for me then. He was waiting forever for me....I never realized it takes almost 3 hours from AIT to the Chao Praya River even if I took the BTS.

From station #9, off we went to Station #14, where King Rama IV bridge is. I've never been to this place and wanted to take a picture of this bridge. And here it is...

We decided to take a stroll at Khao San Road. Like I said, this is one of the coolest places I have been. Guest houses cost around Baht400 (USD10) per room, and apparently, you can get a 3-bedroom unit for Baht1,000 (USD25) per night. Food is also not a problem for any backpacker on a tight budget as the Pad Thai (thai Noodles) only cost you around Baht25.00 per serving that's filling enough.

Novelty shirts are also everywhere and when you walk around Khao San Road, you have the feel of having a stroll along the beach seems like people from Thailand's beaches extend the party at Khao San Road.

I think the basic reason I came to Station #14 is take a good picture at King Rama IV bridge...and I was able to do that...with a big bonus of seeing a fantastic backpacker's place called Khao San Road.

My friend plans to come back...I think he had a fabulous time at the Full Moon Party. He loves to back pack just about anywhere. And I don't think he'll grow tired of being a backpacker. Oh, I hate to make him famous...but if you are curious enough, here's my friend, ABU!

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