Thursday, April 9, 2009

How much is Re-entry permit from Cambodia to Thailand?

Need a re-entry permit to Thailand?

I have an ED Visa in Thailand that expires this Aug 2009. I need to leave for Cambodia in a few days and I was initially planning to get my Re-entry permit to Thailand processed at the Poipet border immigration office.

Things changed when I was told that it's quite difficult to get at the Poipet border. I decided to go to Bangkok to get it there, but I am just too lucky that the Guest Relations officers in my school processed my Visa at Ayutthaya immigration office. I still had to go there for appearance, but I saved myself from getting too stressed going to Bangkok and having to queue for a long time.

I paid Baht1,000.00 for my re-entry permit to Thaialnd, sat at the benches of the Ayutthaya immigration office, and got my permit in less than an hour of waiting.

No need for me to get a Cambodian Visa...thanks to this ASEAN agreement thing.

My friend from Indonesia needs to get hers, but can't be done in Ayutthaya and rather get it from Poipet border.

2 days to roll, and we are conquering the Angkor Wat.

Click here to know how to get a van to Poipet Border from Bangkok.

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