Monday, January 26, 2009

An Eclipse? Solar Eclipse? or was it?

Sharon and I just wanted to spend some time shopping and we usually do at Thammasat during Mondays or Thursdays...when the night market opens at the open grounds of Thammasat University.

On our way there from AIT back gate, we noticed the sunset was sooooo beautiful, I had to go back to my dorm and get my camera.

I'm a novice photographer, and my Canon has its Kit zoom lens with short, my equipment and the one holding it are not as good, as shown in this pic. Sharon keeps saying, I should get a macro lens...but probably, I need to sharpen my skills a bit first before that.

As we were riding our bike on our way to the night market, we started to notice that the sun looks like a cookie with a bite at the upper left seems like there is an eclipse today...or was it something our eyes kinda missed? If we were HEROES, we'd probably get our powers today...harharhar...(too much TV!)

Off we went to the night market, and bought some stuff....which we probably don't need again! It feels nice seeing all the nice trinkets and stuff....and I took this one fun pic while we were trying on some shades.

Thammasat University is near AIT, and it's where we get to unwind and eat good food every Thursdays and Mondays every week, if we have time. There are lots of goodies to buy, from food, clothes, shoes, cookware, household items, beddings, and all things any student would need.

And, well this lovely day ended with an hour jog round back at AIT it usually does.

Dennis says, it's a PARTIAL Solar Eclipse...and had to stay inside my dorm...since some people are probably partially unstable tonight....

Eclipse or no eclipse, am partially Unstable most of the time...hahaha....

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